Hostel – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Students and Parents desiring hostel accommodation

  • Full fee to be paid for hostel facilities and school at the time of admission in hostel
  • Any person or relative apart from parents desiring to meet student in hostel should be intimated and registered at the time of admission
  • All items as per the list should be brought by students. Long lasting name of students should be mentioned on their own belongings to avoid misplacement or loss.
  • It should be noted that commonly used goods are available with Hostel general stores.
  • High value items, jewellery, mobile, cash, camera, walkman, food items are strictly restricted in hostel. Any such items found would be confiscated.
  • Telephonic communication is not possible between students and parents. If need be, either Hostel warden may contact parents or parents may contact hostel warden.
  • During long holidays, students cannot leave hostel to visit home.
  • Students should report hostel after vacation on time. Any delay shall be penalized.
  • Both parents should be present at the time of admission.
  • Parents are expected to pay additional bills towards telephone, laundry, medicinal expenses.
  • School and hostel fees are either accepted in cash or in form of Demand Draft. Cheques are not accepted.
  • Demand Draft should be in favour of “Vishwatmak Jangli Maharaj Ashram Trust, Aambai, Taluka. Wada”
  • Fees should be paid at administrative office and don’t forget to collect receipt.
  • Any damages due to the student shall be deducted from the deposits placed with trust.


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